About Us

PetroWax Myanmar Company Limited

Level 5, No. 77 Phone Gyi Street, Middle Block, Lanmadaw Township, Yangon, Myanmar

PetroWax Company Limited is a private limited company engages in trading and distribution of paraffin wax. The company supplies one of the largest quantity of paraffin waxes for industrial use in Myanmar. Paraffin Wax has multiple applications including for candle making, waterproofing and coatings.

We offer a wide range of fully-refined and semi-refined paraffin waxes at different melting point from 54 degrees to 66 degrees in various forms (generally in slabs). Low melting point is generally suitable for container candles in jars/glasses. Medium melting point is used for pillar candles or straight candles and other molded candles. High melting point is appropriate for more specialized applications.

We provide packages in categories of plastic bags, carton boxes weighted in 25kg/50kgs and tone with and without pallet. We procured paraffin wax directly from manufactures to ensure consistent quality and secure competitive pricing.

Mission and Vision

The company take pride in upholding integrity and supplying high-quality waxes.

To establish and maintain sustainable business relationships in international and local settings with trust.

PetroWax Myanmar